The label Alles Berlin was founded by Sheila Ilz van Hofen in 2013. Sheila came up with the idea of starting her own label since she just couldn’t find unique clothes for parties- and also didn’t want to take the risk of running into someone wearing the same piece of clothing. Eventually she decided to start making her own clothes. Whenever she went out in her handmade pieces, so many people approached her, asking where she got them from.

Thus, she decided she might as well start her own label and conquer the Berlin party world with her own fashion. While she was studying fashion management she started to raise her own fashion baby: ALLES Berlin. Her label stands for everything you can find in the Berlin party scene: inclusion, freedom and a wide variety of different mindsets and characters. That’s why the name of the label includes firstly the German word for ‘everything’, namely ‘alles’; as it embraces all the three characteristics named above. Secondly, ‘Berlin’ had to be part of the label’s name as Sheila takes her inspiration from this city and and it is also the perfect place to wear all these unique handmade pieces.

Every single item is designed to be „rave-proof“, which means even after hours of clubbing your outfit will stay in place and cover up the most important parts of your body (if you want to). All cuts are designed with a lot of love to detail and the fabrics that are used are sourced in Europe. ALLES has its focus on striking fabrics and stands against mass production and exploitation that has become a part of the fashion industry.

These clothes are made for all the party babes out there! Everybody who feels brave enough to wear one of these outfits should do so. No matter what age, gender or body shape you have.